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Rules and Usage of moe.homelinux.net

This page is abridged translation of rules.
This page is intended to be reference for foreign users.

1. Basic Rules

All users are expected to obey the following basic rules. Maintenance of the thread now highly depend on the user that creates it. Please read "Procedure of managing a thread".

The pictures that are strictly forbidden

2. Boards

moe.homelinux.net consists of 2 regular boards,"Captured picture from animation" and "Cute pictures".

Captured picutre from animation

Cute Pictures

Each board has different regulation. And it can be altered by the administrator at any time.

Number of maximum Thread
Number of new thread per day
Maximum number of reply per a thread
Maximum number of picture per a thread


3. Posting new thread

When you post new thread, please consider following points.

4. Replying

When you reply, please check following points.


5. IP-ban

There is limitation that only one session per one IP can be connected. When you try more than one session to moe.homelinux.net, it causes access error. If you continue to bind more than one session, your IP will be banned. IP-ban is lifted every morning.

When your IP is banned, you can't access moe.homelinux.net at all.

Following access makes your IP banned

6. FAQ

7. History of this site

8. Agreemnt form

You need to accept these rules to access moe.homelinux.net. Fill up and submit following form.
Configure your browser to accept cookie.

Some contents require that your are at least 18 years of age.

I'm at age of 18 years or over
I'm younger than age of 18 years

I agree above terms


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